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Is there any alternative to this IBM solution for a SOAP security gateway? Maybe open source software or hardware from other vendors?

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Cisco has a comparable product - the ACE XML Gateway:


Web-based policy creation tool, content mediation, WS-* security support etc. etc.

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Updating this 2009 question with March 2011 info...

Cisco announced the end-of-life for their ACE XML Gateway on August 1, 2010 with a last-ship-date of April 30, 2011 and support tapering off through January 2016.

In addition to the Forum Systems Forum Sentry and Vordel XML Gateway products mentioned in other answers, two other vendor's products to consider are:

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Forum Systems has their Sentry product. You can check then out here Forum Systems

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The Vordel XML gateway has similar features to the IBM product. The main advantage with Vordel is that you can extend the product using real programming languages (not just XSLT!). It sold as either a hardware appliance or software (which is supported as either a physical or virtual installation).

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