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I work with cisco vpn clients and I want to know more about cisco vpn client configuration

first - what’s the difference between internal.ini file and vpnclient.ini file ?

both files are under – C:\Program Files\Cisco\VPN Client

I make some changes in my internal.ini file

and later I run the vpn client as the following ( from WIN CMD )

   vpnclient.exe connect “site1”

I noticed that all my settings in internal.ini file was changed to the previos configuration as was before I run the vpn clients ,

please advice why?

about vpnclient.ini ( I am not sure but maybe this file not used by the vpnclient ) I said that because if I rename this file to original-vpnclient.ini

and run the:

    vpnclient.exe connect "site1"

the vpnclient run as usual

or maybe internal.ini replace the vpnclients.ini ?

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