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I am needing to install an operating system on my Dell PowerEdge 2650 server, but i do not have a disk burner to make boot disks to install the operating system, so i am wanting to install the operating system remotely from another computer, i activated remote management and i connected the server to my mac mini using the remote management port on the server then i listened for open ports, port 445 was open, i then tried to make an ssh connection to the server but i had trouble authenticating.

What are the proper steps for remotely installing an operating system on the Dell PowerEdge 2650.

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There are two ways you can go:

  1. PXE boot and remote install (RIS on Windows, Anaconda/Kickstart on Linux)
  2. Virtual CD/DVD via the remote access controller
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Should be fairly straightforward if you have decent bandwidth and Dell's DRAC remote management feature.

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