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I have a SharePoint 2010 single instance. The Web site has an Excel worksheet in Shared Documents, which I can navigate to as a user.

  • I have enabled Excel services.
  • I have activated Excel services proxy.
  • The Web application is associated with the Excel Services service application (through Central Administration-->Application Management--->Configure service applications associations.)

Remotely I can Check out the Site Page, edit the Site Page, edit the WebPart. Here I select the WorkBook through the elipsis button on the properties of the WebPart. Everything seems good at this point, as I can find the Workbook easily this way.

When I click "Apply", I get the error message: "The file that you selected could not be found. Check the spelling of the file name and verify that the location is correct. Make sure that the file has not been renamed, moved or deleted."

Edit When I copy the URL of my worksheet from the WebPart property, Workbook, to a browser, I can open the file after an authentication challenge. Suprisingly I also get this error message when I simply navigate to Shared Documents remotely.

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