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We've setup OpenVPN using pfSense 2.0.2.

Local subnet is, VPN clients are

We also have another subnet which is connected through pfSense IPSec as a Site-To-Site VPN.

OpenVPN clients are able to ping hosts on subnet without any problems, but are unable to ping hosts on

pfSense itself is able to ping clients from "Diagnostics > Ping" menu, but unable to do so from shell.

We need to enable OpenVPN clients to access hosts on subnet.

Adding routes manually on OpenVPN clients doesn't help. We already tried:

route add mask
route add mask
route add mask

UPD: Still unresolved issue with traffic from to Although hosts from are able to access hosts on thanks to @chris-buechler answer

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You need two things. One, a push route on the OpenVPN server to send the clients a route. push "route" Then a second phase 2 with the local being and remote, and vice versa on the remote end.

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Almost! Now we are able to ping from subnet hosts on subnet, but not vice versa. Should we provide any configuration files? – user135199 Jul 18 '13 at 6:37

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