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I wonder if this is possible:

Say, we have a self-employed sales staff, who uses gmail. I can set up an email account for him in our email system, and direct emails to his account. How can we set things up so that when he sends email out, the sender shows as @ instead of gmail? If this is not possible, then I will have to let him to use the email account created in our system directly..

many thx for any input...

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Gmail supports the use of aliases. Check Setting, Accounts, Send Mail As

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Whilst this is possible, with a Gmail Alias, it's a monstrously bad idea, as you're effectively allowing information (some of which might be Company Proprietary) to leave your control.

Once it's out, it's not coming back.

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Agree. What is so horrible about making the sales guy use an email account directly on your mail system like the rest of the employees? Who cares that he's "self-employed". You should control mail flow for emails @ your domain and have full visibility into them. Don't give into a whiny employee that says "I just want to use my Gmail." – TheCleaner Jul 17 '13 at 13:15

If he is sending email from gmail, then it's up to him to set things up so that it appears to come from the other domain. You can't do that on your system.

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