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Ok so you've got a JAVA task that reads a file on my local disk when it runs, it immediately closes the handle on the file right after it reads its, less than a second, nothing else on the entire system touches this file. I've confirmed this already using the detailed event log file access auditing included with Windows 2003.

My problem is this, this task has been running for years without issue but suddenly out of the blue, the job quite randomly reports that it can't access the file so the job fails. It worked a few mins before and works again shortly after the failures, every time anything touches the file to r/w it I'm seeing an entry in the event log, which is how i'm attempting to track the issue.

Now the weird part is this, at the times the job fails reporting it can't access the file the event log says nothing even tried, how can this be? It logs to the event log if i do anything with the file, even just check properties without trying to read its data. Does this indicate anything you've seen before? The application nor anything else has changed on this server, I'm thinking maybe disk issue? Could that somehow prevent a successful file access attempt without anything before logged? Thanks in advance for any insight here.

update 7/24/2013: chkdsk has been ran but found nothing, still unable to find any cause or solution.

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And absolutely nothing has changed on the server? No updates of any kind (Windows, Software, Antivirus etc)? –  pauska Jul 24 '13 at 13:07

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