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I currently have a co-location production environment which I want to migrate to AWS. Our infrastructure relies heavily on Active Directory for access to several platforms hosted within the environment - think Sharepoint, Tableau, etc.

I've had conflicting advice so far in terms of setup - I've been advised to go down both EC2 and VPC routes and I can't seem to make either way stick. Essentially I want to be able to setup a domain controller, staging and production SQL/Web servers, CI server and SAN.

Has anybody has success in setting up an AD/DNS/DHCP domain controller in either EC2 or VPC? Do you even need DHCP when setting up in EC2?

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Question is unclear: What specific problems or errors do you need help with? Re. DHCP, are you referring to using a static vs dynamic/DHCP IP on server, or whether the DHCP service should be installed on the server? –  Ed Fries Jul 21 '13 at 20:27
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