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I am preparing to setup a small network with single sign on capability provided by and OpenLDAP server that runs on OpenBSD 5.3. Currently, I am able authenticate an Ubuntu 13.04 client against the server, but for some reason I am having trouble authenticating on my OS X client. I've used the directory utility to connect to my server, and it seems that I am able to successfully communicate with the server, but not authenticate. I know this may seem vauge, but I am new to administering OS X. Help is appreciated.

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I'm fighting through this myself as we speak. One of the things you must add on the Ubuntu side, according to my research, is a Kerberos KDC. There is some great documentation on setting one of these up here: .

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While Kerberos gets along very will with OpenLDAP, and I would recommend it, it is by no means required. – 84104 Oct 18 '13 at 19:59
The OP asked how to authenticate using Apple's Directory Utility, which I am still struggling with. DU attempts to do a SASL bind. From the error logs, I'm still trying to determine which mechanism is used. Any advice would be appreciated. – Ned W. Nov 8 '13 at 2:58

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