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I just purchased VPS from DigitalOcean and installed LAMP but stuck at mail server. We get 5000+ visits/day and we do sent newsletters to our 10000+ subscribers 2 to 3 times a week and want about 20+ emails for the team members. So is it good to install mail server on the same machine which serves website. Is it cause overload on server ? Do i need to buy two droplets for mail server and web server? I am newbie to VPS and don't know how to install mail server. Else is it better to go for managed VPS.

Please guide me in right direction.


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You can run a mail server and a web server (and a DNS server, and a database server, and a teamspeak server, and...) on one machine if you want. Whether or not this meets your specific needs is something you need to determine. Note however that sending mailing list/newsletter messages out is probably something you want to use a third-party service for like Dom suggests. MailChimp is one such service, and there are many others. – voretaq7 Jul 22 '13 at 20:29
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If you want to send so much mails, use a mailling list server, and speak with the network administrator. You will be considered as a spammer if you try without knowing how send these mails properly. See the mailling lists managers like sympa or majordomo for these features.

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