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I am going to deploy ISA server 2006 on Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise. Some basic questions,

  1. ISA Server 2006 is the most recent version?
  2. I am going to deploy internal web site publish feature and firewall feature. What is the bottleneck and suggested H/W configuraiton? Is network always the bottleneck for ISA Server -- if so, I need to add more network adaptors to ISA Server;
  3. I heard ISA Server has only 32-bit version, the Server 2008 is x64, is that ok to deploy 32-bit ISA server on x64, any bottleneck?

thanks in advance, George

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ISA 2006 is the current version of ISA. Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) is the successor to ISA 2006, but is currently in beta. TMG is 64-bit only. Based on this Technet blog post the RC is due out in the fall. Not sure how quickly you're looking to deploy, but you might want to have a look.

Sorry, but my ISA experience goes back to ISA 2000 so my hardware info wouldn't really be relevant for you...

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Thanks! 1. So, ISA Server 2006 has only 32-bit version? 2. Any H/W recommendation and bottleneck for ISA Server, e.g. whether dual network card will improve performance? – George2 Aug 11 '09 at 9:09

Pretty sure ISA 2006 only runs on Win 2003 x32.

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Correct. There is no edition of ISA that will install on Server 2008. I know this because I've tried. It all comes up with 'Not Available', except for the management console. You will have to deploy a 2k3 box, or wait for TMG. – Mark Henderson Aug 20 '09 at 21:21

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