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I have two MYSQL databases on a client machine. Both are read by my remote, hosted, web server for displaying content to my site visitors.

Database A is used by an application on the local client machine and is time critical, hence in my opinion, best suited to staying there. Database B can be moved to the remote web server, but ideally I would prefer to leave it on the local machine too.

Both A & B are not serving fast enough due to the internet connection between the client and web host. I want to send my websites requests to my web host, where the rest of my site is. Preliminary testing shows a marked improvement as you would expect.

My limitations: I'm not a DBA. In fact I'm quite new to databases. My web host provides CPanel and associated phpMyAdmin. But synchronise is limited to local only. And they won't allow me to configure remote sync.

My question: What is best practice? How can I speed up my website? Is there a way to 'push' synchronise?

Database A needs to be updated, at a minimum <60 seconds, any longer and info being served is not relevant.

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