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I'm having a problem getting a copy job running to dump full backups onto an external removable drive for offsite backups.

When trying to mount from the director on pez I get the following error.

Connecting to Director poprocks.example.com:9101
1000 OK: poprocks-dir Version: 5.2.13 (19 February 2013)
Enter a period to cancel a command.
Automatically selected Catalog: BaculaCatalog
Using Catalog "BaculaCatalog"
The defined Storage resources are:
     1: PezFile
     2: DockFile
Select Storage resource (1-2): 2
3999 Device "DriveDock" not found or could not be opened.

Here's my config:

bacula-sd.conf (on kitkat.example.com):

Device {
  Name = DriveDock
  Media Type = RemovableDisk
  Archive Device = /dev/sda1
  LabelMedia = yes                   # lets Bacula label unlabeled media
  Random Access = Yes
  Requires Mount = yes
  Mount Point = /mnt/usb
  Mount Command = "/bin/mount %a %m"
  Unmount Command = "/bin/umount %m"
  AutomaticMount = yes               # when device opened, read it
  Removable Media = yes

bacula-dir.conf (on pez.example.com):

Storage {
  Name = DockFile
  Address = kitkat.example.com
  SDPort = 9103
  Password = "xxxx"
  Device = DriveDock
  Media Type = File
Pool {
  Name = DockPool
  Pool Type = Backup
  Recycle = yes
  AutoPrune = yes
  VolumeRetention = 4 weeks
  Maximum Volume Bytes = 2000G
  LabelFormat = Dock_
  Storage = DockFile
Pool {
  Name = PezPool
  Pool Type = Backup
  Recycle = yes           # automatically recycle Volumes
  AutoPrune = yes         # Prune expired volumes
  Volume Retention = 60 days
  Label Format = Pez_
  Maximum Volume Bytes = 4G
  Maximum Volumes = 36
  Action On Purge = Truncate
  Next Pool = DockPool
JobDefs {
  Name = "DockDefault"
  Type = Backup
  Level = Full
  Storage = DockFile
  Client = kitkat-fd
  Messages = Standard
  File Set = "FullSet"
  Write Bootstrap = "/var/spool/bacula/%c_%n.bsr"
  Cancel Running Duplicates = yes
Job {
  Name = "CopyToDock"
  JobDefs = "DockDefault"
  Type = Copy
  Selection Type = SQLQuery
  Selection Pattern = "SELECT jobid FROM job j WHERE jobid = (SELECT jobid FROM job j2 WHERE j2.clientid = j.clientid AND level = 'F' AND schedtime >= now() - interval '1 month' ORDER BY endtime DESC LIMIT 1);"
  Pool = PezPool
  Schedule = "DockSchedule"

There's another Storage sections also pointing to the server kitkat for use on a plain filesystem device(not removable) that I mostly modeled this on. That one works just fine.

Am I missing something key in my config? All the errors I'm finding on google related to the 3999 error are simple mistakes that I don't appear to have in my own config. Any ideas appreciated.

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