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I've created an Amazon EC2 AMI from an existing server, ie I'm not using one of amazon's AMIs. I can launch it and I can see on the console output that it's started up, however I can't SSH to it, either as root or as a local user that was on the original server we copied.

I've tried with a few different keys, including some that i had made already. When I try to connect, it offers the SSH key but it doesn't except that and will ask me for a password. I tried the (root) password for that server. "PermitRootLogin yes" is in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config

I know I'm connecting to the SSH server, since it gives me the RSA fingerprint the first time. I've tried running this on US and EU.

Any ideas?

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This is my fault. I forgot to add 'root' to the AllowGroups in sshd config.

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