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I have 2 Hyper-V 2012 servers, which are joined to a domain (2 DCs) which are VMs on these servers. There are appropriate DNS records for each Hyper-V server.

I have noticed that both servers have identical ipconfig settings (with of course different IPs etc), but when I run tracert and the hostname of one Hyper-V server, the first hop returns the destination Hyper-V server.

If I do this on the other Hyper-V server, it will return hostnames which are of my webhost. It seems to be trying to use the public DNS to find the internal server (the server I am pinging FROM has 2 nics the private network and public internet).,

As a result, I can't ping this Hyper-V server. The firewall is off and nor can I ping the VMs internally by the private IPs. It looks like on a 2 NIC'd VM, the public NIC is trying to resolve the private IP, and one a server with just the private NIC, I get destination host unreachable from a ping.

Any suggestion what may cause this? I can however ping outwards from this server. The problematic server can ping itself. There's also no AV in the environment.

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