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I have configured a proxy from apache2 to tomcat6 All working, plain and simple, but I have a problem when from my tomcat app I need to redirect to a JSP that is outside of the directory I configured with the ProxyPass directive.

This is what i have :

ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPreserveHost On 
ProxyPass         /
ProxyPassReverse  /

I need to redirect to a file that is and when it redirects to it I'm getting :

/ut/disable.jsp?error=The%20user%20can't%20access%20the%20page HTTP/1.1" 404 1084

How can I enable other files from other directories to be proxied? just from within the jsp/app/crm/ directory?

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If you want to provide clients with access to something hosted at /ut/disable.jsp, you're going to need to add the necessary ProxyPass directive. For only that particular file:

ProxyPass /ut/disable.jsp

Or for the entire /ut/ context:

ProxyPass /ut/

Or you will have to modify your Tomcat application so that all URLs fall within the /jsp/app/crm/ context.

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