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I have been trying to delegate my sub-domain to another nameserver but cannot do it. I have read through all the documents and posts that might be helpful but still I cannot accomplish my task. What I have done so far: in my, Which is running good.

Now I have used "MyDNS" for the management of the all the DNS Records.

What I tried is: IN NS IN NS IN A IN A

But that system isn't working out. Can anyone help me? Do not worry about TTL and others, every thing is managed. Is the subdomain delegation correct? Anyone experienced with MyDNS?

Please just answer with: IN A IN A

I want a better solution than above. Its not the thing that it can't be done right?

EDIT: Thanks to wil tan The record at is valid:

dig SOA

I checked the record on my own server side as:

dig SOA

and found that the record returned "" which caused the problem. Once again thanks for the command.

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  1. Make sure that "" only has the two NS records you listed.
  2. Make sure that "" does exist. Check that dig returns an IP address
  3. Make sure that "" is configured with the "" zone, and is answering queries for it. (Check that dig SOA returns a valid SOA record)

Note that you do not need these two lines in your zone file: IN A IN A

because they are out of zone.

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Thanks for the reply. I configured every thing like that. 1) have only 2 records 2) dig nameserver do exists 3) and is also nicely configured. But when I try to just set with NS in and "nslookup" replies none :/ For testing I added as: subdomain in NS ns1,ns2 subdomain in A of ns1) And it works, but the problem is I guess it is only getting the value of A record and NS isn't getting anything. – Techjail Aug 2 '13 at 2:40
WOW!!! Thanks, you are really awesome. Thanks for the command "dig [at]". What I did is "dig [at]" and found that the record for the domain using NS record was set as "" what made the problem whole along. Thank you very very much for the awesome solution. Have a nice day. Just made the change to: subdomain IN NS && subdomain IN NS – Techjail Aug 2 '13 at 2:58
You're welcome. Thanks for accepting my answer! :) – Wil Tan Aug 2 '13 at 5:41

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