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I have a strange problem with the (built-in) fax server on my Windows Small Business Server 2003 box.

Everything works perfectly (i.e. the fax server can send and receive faxes) but after a period of time, anything from 4 to 12 hours, the server stops receiving (incoming) faxes. I tried telephoning our fax number and it just rings without ever being answered.

The only resolution I have found is to restart the fax service at which point everything works again.....for a bit!

I have tried to diagnose the problem myself but there are no entries in the event log to indicate anything is wrong even after I change the fax logging level to high. Windows also appears to be happy with the fax hardware, driver, fax service etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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After 2 months of hoping for an answer or even a suggestion I have closed this question. My solution, far from ideal, was to schedule a job to run every 4 hours that stopped and then started the fax service. This has resolved the problem, although I would love to know what causes it.

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