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Anyone know if the HP p400i raid controller can support multiple arrays? Say if I wanted a raid 0 with 2x146GB drives, and 3x300GB drives in a raid 5, both on the same card?

Also, is it possible to add drives to the raid 5 later down the road and expand out the partition?

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For both questions: yes is the answer.

You can create multiple logical drives on the same controller (page 8), and you can also expand your RAID5, providing you have both a Battery Backup Unit and Cache memory installed (page 16).


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Thanks, I kept getting conflicting information. – Mike Purcell Aug 1 '13 at 18:30
Was able to create two separate, logical drives as you stated, just wanted to confirm in case anyone has same question in the future. – Mike Purcell Aug 13 '13 at 19:57

The HP Smart Array P400 supports up to 32 logical drives.

Yes, it is possible to expand an array after it is created (User Guide, p. 16).

The P400i should be the same, as it is just a version of the P400 that is sold "integrated" with the system.

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