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I have default Listen 80 in httpd.conf. Sometimes I need my own webapp to run on that port so I run it with sudo. So, first I need to change Apache port to something else. What I am looking for is a quick one click action to switch in forth and back.

Please advise.

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You can't.
In order to change the port(s) or address(es) the web server is listening on you must change the web server configuration and restart the web server.

I think your best options are:

  • Using mod_proxy to pass your app through Apache
    Have your app listen on some other port and configure mod_proxy appropriately

  • Have both Apache and your app listen on different ports and use a third application to listen on port 80 and forward the requests to the appropriate service.
    Basically writing your own socket-bouncing proxy.

Writing that socket-bouncing proxy (or configuration of mod_proxy) is left as an exercise for the reader - mainly because I don't know your internal requirements.

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