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I was told they were like "shortcuts" in windows, but I am not exactly sure if I did it right.

I have a MySQL database on my hard drive 1, under /var/lib/mysql/temp

but I want it to be located on drive 2, which can be accessed by cd /drive2, and I want every update and everything to occur on hard drive 2.

So what I did was:

ln -s /drive2/temp /var/lib/mysql/temp

and it seems to work, but everywhere I read it seems as if the syntax I used should have been the other way around.

Did I do it right?


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See the wikipedia page: – slm Aug 2 '13 at 12:15
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Actually you built the link /var/lib/mysql/temp pointing to /drive2/temp. If your aiming to transfer dbs to /drive2, you should rather:

  • stop mysql
  • move files to drive2
  • link newfolder to oldfolder | change db position in my.cnf
  • restart mysql
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Symlink is s special file that contains a reference to another file or directory.

ln's TARGET argument goes first and then comes the LINK_NAME. In your case it should be the reverse.

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