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I need to know how can I add this to preseeding via d-i early/command or d-i preseed/run to set my mirror inside preseed.cfg from /proc/cmdline argument.

If I do:

d-i preseed/run string ws/

     for x in `cat /proc/cmdline`; do
             case $x in RPHOST*)
                     eval $x

                     d-i mirror/http/hostname string ${RPHOST}
                     d-i mirror/http/mirror string ${RPHOST}
                     d-i apt-setup/security_host string ${RPHOST}

it fails.

It works well in the CentOS kickstart %pre section but i have no clue how to do it via debian/ubuntu preseeding.

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after some research on debconf i came up with this solution:

in your preseed.cfg you call the script via:

d-i preseed/run string ws/    // subdir from preseed file location

content of

echo "Start runscript" >> /var/log/syslog
for x in `cat /proc/cmdline`; do
        case $x in RPHOST*)
                eval $x
                echo "d-i mirror/http/hostname string ${HOST}" > /tmp/mirror.cfg
                echo "d-i mirror/http/mirror string ${HOST}" >> /tmp/mirror.cfg
                echo "d-i apt-setup/security_host string ${HOST}" >> /tmp/mirror.cfg
// add´s values to /var/lib/cdebconf/question.dat
debconf-set-selections /tmp/mirror.cfg

works good @ 12.04.2 LTS !

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