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I am relatively new to server administration, and have been unable to find much information regarding this matter. I wish to have a file which numerous users have access to, but that allows only 1 user at any given time the ability to access it.

Example: User1 and User2 have read/write permission to the file, but if User1 is currently accessing the file, I do not want User2 to be able to access it until User1 has completed their work on it. Is this possible in a Windows Server 2012 environment?

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You can configure the number of simultaneous users on a file share basis by going to the advanced properties of the share itself. Not sure how well this would work though for what you are looking at.

enter image description here

This sounds like you want checkout / check-in capabilities which is possible with something like Microsoft Sharepoint. There are probably other utilities that dont require that much infrastructure. But Sharepoint does it fairly well. With Sharepoint you can also have multiple versions / revisions of a file as well.

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