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I'd like to setup a catch-all for my subdomains:

*    CNAME

But, a few specific subdomains should have their own entry:    A        X.X.X.X
*       CNAME

The problem is, how can I specify that I want the first rule to be processed before the catch-all?

As far as I can see, there is no way to reorder the rules. So, if I create a rule after the catch-all, the catch-all might be processed before the specific rule.

There's a weight parameter, but it doesn't look like it's designed for this purpose, but for load balancing.

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Reply from the AWS support (emphasize mine):

If you setup a wildcard DNS entry for your Domain this will catch all queries where you haven`t specified a record.

As example: A
*         A  A

A query for will return the specified A Record
A query for will return the wildcard record
A query for will return the specified record

This means a specified Record within your hosted Zone will always have a higher priority as a wildcard record.

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