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Sometimes my saltmaster hangs for a while on salt '*' test.ping waiting for downed minions to reply. Is there a way so see a list of connected minions, regardless of whether they respond to test.ping?

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Why the downvote, please? –  pate Aug 9 '13 at 21:23

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The official answer:

salt-run manage.up

Also useful are:

salt-run manage.status

salt-run manage.down
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From the master type:

ls -1 /var/cache/salt/master/minions


ls -1 /etc/salt/pki/master/minions

Entering a faulty salt query (ex. salt '*' -) will also return a list of all the minions each followed by a message stating that the command is not available. You can grep/cut away the extraneous characters. Neither of these options are particularly elegant and the later doesn't address the timeout but it works while I'm looking for an answer to a similar question; "How to list all associated minions via the saltstack python api?".

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"salt-key -L" will list all minions that whose public keys you've accepted on your master.

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Thanks, but this lists accepted minion keys, not connected minions. –  pate Aug 28 '13 at 9:37

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