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I am a web dev, but I rarely config DNS/A record/MX records. I have a client who registered a new domain name with Google Apps trial, which means the domain name is registered with GoDaddy and the email will be handled by Google. He later decided he wants to host a simple website. So I:

Using the info (login name/password) seen in Google Apps control panel, logged into GoDaddy.com. Changed the domain's name server to my own hosting, where I have put up a simple index.php page. Tested that myClientsDomain.com actually directs to the index.php on my own web server. Suddenly, the email account (via Gmail UI) of my client is no longer be able to receive any emails.

I figured this must be the MX record being incorrect. I tried to login to GoDaddy again to see if I can edit the MX record value, but I couldn't. I logged into my own hosting panel and found out under "Addon domain" I can configure the MX Records there.

So, I created a few new MX Records according to a help article from Google, so that it points back to Google.

However, testing still failed.

Should I be setting up the MX Records in GoDaddy.com? Or in my hosting cPanel?

I "hooked up" the domain name and my web hosting by configuring it via my hosting's cPanel. I remember it asking for some auth code that can be seen from GoDaddy.com config page.

What have I done wrong here? Was it the automatic configuration that messed up the MX Record? How do I setup from the GoDaddy side to have the correct MX record value so that emails can be received normally?

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Could you show output of the # host -t mx yourdomain.com and host -t ns yourdomain.com –  ALex_hha Aug 7 '13 at 10:24
how did you go with this. more information for us? –  Drew Khoury Aug 9 '13 at 8:16

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From your question you state that you have already added the required DNS records so the original answer may not apply. Maybe you simply need to wait for DNS/Name Servers to update (this could take up to 48 hours to fully propagate).


Sounds like you may have changed your Name Servers but not copied the MX records (and other DNS records).

All you need to do is made sure your have the correct MX records setup as per http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=33915

Priority    Mail Server

and also if you want mail. to work then create a cname for mail. which points to ghs.google.com

More Information

You register a domain with a Domain Registrar, in this case GoDaddy.

When you login to your registrar's control panel for your domain you are able to supply the Name Servers. Name Servers point to the place where your DNS records live.

DNS records might live at your Registrar, or you may choose to host DNS elsewhere, like your own CPanel, DNSMadeEasy, AWS or lots of other options.

Once you've established exactly what your name servers are you should be able to edit the DNS records for that domain. You can confirm Name Servers online like this http://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=dns%3adomain.com&run=toolpage

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