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When I run this command

rsync -avzp --del -e "ssh -p myport" user@hostname:/var/www/tests /var/www/tests

files get synchronized but instead of saving files in /var/www/tests, Rsync creates one more directory "tests" inside of existing "tests":


and puts files there. How to tell Rsync not to create a new directory?

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If you don't want another tests directory created, the correct command would be

rsync -avzp --del -e "ssh -p myport" user@hostname:/var/www/tests/ /var/www/tests

Note the / at the end of user@hostname:/var/www/tests/.

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You need a trailing slash on the source.

Here is the correct command:

rsync -avzp --del -e "ssh -p myport" user@hostname:/var/www/tests/ /var/www/tests

More Info

Explanation of rsync and trailing slashes:

Rsync has two major modes of operation. The modes are dependent on the absence or presence of the trailing slash on the source directory.

Another example: need to add the trailing slash, otherwise, a folder called Pictures is created inside the Pictures folder that we specify as destination.

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