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Is it possible to force Ansible when replacing the var in yml files, which is undefined, throw out an error instead silently replaced by an empty string?

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Yes, it is possible. Check the online documentation, under accessing complex variable data.

An example is provided to do exactly that:

    - shell: echo "I've got '{{ foo }}' and am not afraid to use it!"
      when: foo is defined

    - fail: msg="Bailing out: this play requires 'bar'"
      when: bar is not defined
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Add this line to the [defaults] section of your ansible.cfg:

error_on_undefined_vars = True

You'll now get an error message if a variable is undefined.

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I believe that option requires 1.3, which is coming soon but has not yet been released. – mblakele Aug 16 '13 at 15:52

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