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There are quite a few out there, thats why I am asking for some recommendations. I am looking for some good linux podcasts/websites that are for beginners making the switch to using Linux as their primary OS.

I ve been encountering some basic doubts that were solved by googling, but it sure would be nice to know things in a structured fashion so that I know the generalities of the best-practices, gotchas etc and can figure out the specifics.


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FLOSS Weekly

They've had excellent guests and cover a lot of topics.


Checkout theses very good podcasts from JupiterBroadcasting :

They are very fun to listen, so enjoy !

Also, IBM provides good podcasts on the IBM Linux Technology Center Podcast.

You also asked for links, here's some that was useful for me :


LugRadio is pretty good if you like your podcasts with a British accent.

It's great, but they stopped making them nearly a year ago :( – Hamish Downer May 6 '09 at 15:33

I really enjoy the Ubuntu UK podcast.

Friendly folk.


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