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after a sudden electricity break down one of the company servers (ubuntu) hangs at boot. I have an OK message for "running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)" but it freeze there and a black screep appears after a couple of minutes.

This is an image from server boot:

What is the problem and how to fix this?

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Please do not cross-post (your Q is also asked on Ask Ubuntu). – Lekensteyn Aug 12 '13 at 9:44
Can you check what is inside of the script /etc/rc.local? – dsmsk80 Aug 12 '13 at 11:46

Try Pressing 'CRTL'+'ALT'+'F2' to see if you can logging to a Console. That way you might be able to have a look at what the local scripts are doing... perhaps they are not terminating for what ever reason.

Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I believe that unless these scripts terminate this will hold your boot sequence up like this.

Look for a script that is lunching an secondary binary or service that stays resident. if found try appending an '&' to the end of the execution statement. This will tell the script to continue with remaining script and not wait for an exit on the child process.

there's a lot of maybes there but... its a starting point for you.

Were you having issues with Apache before the crash? not being able to assign a socket to Apache is not a good sign. Something else for you to have a look at.

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Have you tried booting in safe mode:

To start Ubuntu into safe mode (Recovery Mode) hold down the left Shift key as the computer starts to boot. If holding the Shift key doesn't display the menu press the Esc key repeatedly to display the GRUB 2 menu. From there you can choose the recovery option.

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