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We are currently listed on a couple of spam-blacklists since last week. I have taken the following approach to prevent this from reoccurring:

  • scan every (windows)-device in the building using malwarebytes/MSE (which got us 8 occurrences of "spamthru")
  • sniff the network on every comp

I removed the firm from the list last saturday, which was fine until an hour ago. We are now listed at CBL and spamhaus again... Does anyone have any options as to what we can do to get off these lists ASAP?

There is a firewall present, for which we don't have the password due to problems with the previous administrator. I'd prefer not having to recover the password right now...

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You really need to get this fixed on the firewall level there any reason for your network to be sending email? – Nathan C Aug 12 '13 at 13:30
We had an email-list through yourmailinglist, but I requested to stop using that for now. I'm also going to try and get into the firewall tonight so I can block SMTP 25 from anywhere but the Exchange server... – QuintenVK Aug 12 '13 at 13:35

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