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There is 100 GB in my C:/drive,i want to split it into several disks to make my PC works more smoothly .It is said that Windows has its own disk management tool. but i heard it's complex and limited in usage. could u please offer me some other good methods.

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I am not quite sure that massive partitioning would bring you more perfomance/smoothnes. But it would defiantly bring you a bit of organization, but will make it easier for you to wipe your system disk, and still keep all other files from other partitions.

The Windows Disk management tool is not that complex but rather unflexible.

You can access the Disk Management Tool by clicking on your start menu and type: "Disk Management" The search result should be something like "Create and format hard dirk partitions"

Other way: click on your start menu, right click on "Computer", click "Manage", on the left side expand "Storage", click "Disk Management"

Both ways should lead to so the same view of all your installed Drives (CD/DVD, Flash; Harddrive, ect)

From here on you ca crate or manage partitions for all your hard drive. Just a single right click on one partition, you can resize, or delete them, or create s Software RAID sets(RAID0 or RAID1 is supported in client/customer Windows Versions), rename them, ect.

For an easier and more advanced Disk and Partiton management i would suggest partedmagic Therefor you'd have to download and burn the image on to a CD and Boot from it, to manage all your drives.

But for your goal to gain performance I'd suggest to invest in something like an SSD (solid state drive) for your operating system and all Programs, and store your user data on other slower disks.

Partitioning of harddrive is a good organization method, but doesn't keep your data safe when the drive crashes. So it's no replacement for a real backup!

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Thanks for your reply. –  user185567 Aug 21 '13 at 2:05

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