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I am trying to use netcat to relay SSH traffic (bidirectionally) from port 2222 on one host to port 22 on a different host. For test purposes, I redirect to here instead of the remote host.

Here is the command and the error I am getting:

nc -n –l 2222 0<backpipe | nc -n 22 1>backpipe
getaddrinfo: Name or service not known

I must be missing something really obvious here, but I fail to see it. I am using only IP addresses (and even "-n" to not resolve anything), but it appears to still be trying to do a DNS lookup.

This is CentOS 6.x [64].

What am I missing?

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I got this working. The issue was that I had to specify the host for the first nc command, like so:

nc -n -l 2222 0<backpipe | nc -n 22 1>backpipe" 

Normally the host should not be needed with "-l" (it defaults to local host), according to the man page.

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