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here is my office net

          a                         b
     || ————————  ||

         |                             |
         |                             |

     |ssh server:1.2|             |windows client2:6.2|
     |samba server:1.3|           |linux client2:6.3|
     |windows client1:1.4|
     |linux client1:1.5|

network network a) and network b) can connect with each other,therefore the network b's client can access's all server.

but here is the problem:

  1. Network b's windows client can establish a connect with a's all server(samba,ssh),but it will auto disconnect in about 1-2minutes
  2. Network b's linux client can establish a connect hava no problem above.
  3. Network a's both windows and linux clients have no problem at item 1.
  4. when l am in network b using putty to connect to network a's server,it output this error:"Software caused connection abort"
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l have solved it.

because two local network connect with a firewall,and this is usually breaking connect with some reson like limits connection because of router's memory,see this url:

keep alive can probe the connections which proxy or firewall does't kown the change.

so when l access samba, l add "keep alive = 10" filed in my smb.conf, and there is no connection break, and l think ssh server has some configure like samba

also, you can configure client's keep_alive , but it will affect all the offices change it.

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