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I've been attempting to follow this link. http://www.juggled.co.uk/archive/latest/xstools4openfiler.html

Had to install rpm from a different repository due to rpm.conoary.org not being accessible.

Cannot install beecrypt. Getting unresolved dependencies for the following.

soname: ELF64/libicuio.so.43(SysV x86_64) soname: ELF64/libicuuc.so.43(SysV x86_64)

I installed the icu package thinking that might help, it did not.

I also saw mention of doing a conary update rpm to fix this, nope. No error just says up to date.

I have both the xe-guest utils and the xe-guess xentore rpm's installed but still showing as no tools installed. I assume this is due to not being able to install beecrypt.

If anyone has gotten this to work I'd love to know how. Without tools I cannot add the rest of the VDI's that I need to.

Thank you.

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Update. I got the lib's installed but I'm still not seeing it recognizing xentools. No errors. –  TheEditor Aug 16 '13 at 18:19

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