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I got a Win SBS 2008 that servers 10 Client machines. 2 of the 10 client machines are running Win 7 64-bit. The other 8 are running Win XP 32-bit. The Win SBS 2008 has a folder which contains bills that the company has written for its customers. The folder is a shared network drive. All 8 Win XP 32-bit clients have the Windows search plugin installed (Windows Search plugin), enabling a full-text-search within pdf-files located on that shared network drive.

However, after searching the web I couldn't find a pure Windows solution for the Win 7 64-bit clients to achieve aforementioned searching solution in the same fashion as with the Win XP 32-bit clients.

There seem to be solutions which involve 3rd party programs. If there is no pure windows solution to this problem, please name a third party software for which the following statements are positive:

  1. open source
  2. do full text search in pdf-files located on a shared network drive
  3. do so under Win 7 64-bit

If the description does not suffice for a solution outline. Please let me know which informations are lacking.

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You can't find plugin for win7 because "search" is already embedded in it, no additional installation needed. Just make sure you have index of required drive.

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