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We have a Nortel Contact Center Reporting system that has been in use for longer than I have been here (5+ years). Lately when we try to pull any reports from it after clicking View the browser just spins and spins and no data is ever returned.
Here is what I am doing; I log in, go to Reports, select the Agent Activity Report, accept the default from and to date and time (which by default selects midnight today until now), i select the Letter paper size, then click the View button in the View on Screen section. The web site then says, Waiting for response and stays like that. I've once left it overnight and still it has not returned any data. I suspect that the MySQL database it runs off of needs some maintenance done on it but I don't know what. I did manage to find and use the dbfixutil but found no issues (I'm actually running it again as i type this just to make sure i got all the tables). We are OK with purging old data just need to know what the proper way of doing so is short of having to uninstall and re-install.

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If the problem started to show after a browser update, i recommend you to check with different browsers, or if it's Internet Explorer to Turn on/off compatibility mode (On IE10, it's a broken page button at the right of the address bar). –  Miguel Garcia Aug 19 '13 at 16:26
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