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Is there a way to create a SLURM queue that runs on the headnode?

I'd like to be able to do this as a first level testing queue sort of, before trying to run on multiple nodes.

I've tried stuff like:

create PartitionName=matt AllowGroups=ALL Default=yes State=UP Nodes=dena

(where dena is the name of the cluster)

I'm going to try defining dena0 in the dns, so perhaps dena[0] may work? Is there a better way?


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I think I solved this (also looks like I had done this before and simply forgot)

In .../etc/slurm.conf,

I added my headnode as a node,

NodeName=dena Procs=16

Restarted everything, and then was able to assign it. Pretty simple I suppose.

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I was wrong about this. It does allow slurm to create a partition on that node, but that node still must be running a slurm_client. I'm not sure how to do this on a generic system. I managed to do it via Bright Management Cluster software I have. – Matt Aug 23 '13 at 15:42

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