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Is it possible for me to setup notifications on a host for two different groups but have the interval for each group different?

Our network staff would only like one email when a site goes down and one when it comes back up. But the helpdesk supervisor wants emails sent to the helpdesk every 30 minutes while a site is down. Is this possible?

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You want to look at Notification Escalations within the Nagios documentation. You can set up your base notifications to your networking team to not recur, but have your helpdesk escalation re-notified every 30 minutes. Use first_escalation = 1 and last_escalation = 0 to ensure that the escalation triggers on the first notification and does not end until the host/service state returns to OK.

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Thanks I'll look into escalation definitions! – Mike Aug 21 '13 at 21:06

You would want to do this via service escalations - i.e. for your network staff have the notification interval be 0 and then create a service escalation associated with the helpdesk supervisor with it set to 30.

Do you really want to do this on the host or the site (which would be a service check instead of a host check)

define hostescalation {
        host_name                 <host>
        contact_groups            helpdesk-supervisors
        notification_interval     30  
        first_notification        2
        last_notification         0
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Thanks for the response it looks like that will work. Yes I mean host, when I said "site" I meant WAN site (i.e. remote router), not website. – Mike Aug 21 '13 at 21:06

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