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I have an issue where I am trying to set a test directory to authenticate using the AuthType Digest. I have been able to successfully complete this but only when the AuthName of .htaccess is one string entry.

Example .htaccess:

Options +Indexes 

AuthName "Gordon" 
AuthType Digest
AuthDigestDomain /
AuthDigestProvider file
AuthUserFile C:/xampp/htdocs/HTAccessible/test/htdigest/.htpasswd

require valid-user 

Example .htpasswd


If I change the Realm in .htpasswd and .htaccess AuthName to "Gordon and" ..I get this error (from Apache logs/error.log)

[Sat Aug 24 15:14:27.864534 2013] [auth_digest:error] [pid 6840:tid 1716] [client] AH01790: user `go_admin' in realm `Gordon and' not found: /HTAccessible/test/htdigest/

I have tried encasing the Realm in single and double quotes marks to no avail, currently editing using Notepad++ but have also tried creating via the ht_digest.exe tool ...still no dice.

I have also looked on the Apache AuthType and ht_digest docs but maybe its not the right section as I can't seem to find any information on containing whitespaced realms.

Any pointers or advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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