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I have an OpenShift DIY app running Python. However, I cannot reach static files like html. (or run php) If I try accessing:, I get: uWSGI Error Python application not found.

Could you please help how i can make html files accessible? My directories like:

   diy << It server all requests to the domain, however if it doesn't
      hello.html / exists, than I get the above error
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The Python cartridges that you get with OpenShift is simply an Apache web serve that uses mod_wsgi to server your content. This means that you content that Apache directs you to most be severed by a mod_wsgi server/components.

Typically with a Python Cartridge you will extend the cartridge with a Web Framework to better help you sever static content such as this. Some examples of typical frameworks that are use are:

However out of the box (unless you are willing to edit your gears python/etc/conf.d/openshift.conf file which can break your gear) you can not route to static traffic with out using a WSGI framework.

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