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I need to add a new registry entry. But first I need an existing folder under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ in order to place that new entry into. I don't see a way to create a new folder under SOFTWARE. I'm new to messing with the registry outside of simple tweaks...I'm a C# Developer. This key will be retrieved in some of our C# code.

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You right-click on SOFTWARE (under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) and choose New -> Key then give it a name. Then you right click on that and choose New -> XX Value, based on the type of entry you want to add.

Folders are the pictoral representative of a Key. Entries under keys are called Values.

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First things first, they're not called folders, they're called Keys. Secondly, don't create it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - the end user may not have write access to this key (e.g. if they're not a local admin). Create it under HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead. Thirdly, armed with this mighty knowledge, the following link should explain everything you need to know:

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