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My company recently got the domain name most closely associated with our company name, and we'd like to change our Google Apps account (including logins, etc.) to reflect the new domain name.


Unfortunately, Google currently doesn't allow customers to transfer their primary domain to another domain:

However, at this time you can't change which domain is your primary domain except when you upgrade from a trial mygbiz.com domain to a custom domain. Otherwise, your only option for a new primary domain is to create a new account and migrate your data to the new account.

What We Think We're Going to Have to Do

It looks like the process is going to be something along the lines of:

  • Create the new Google Apps domain account
  • Create the same settings on the new domain as on the old domain
  • Make the change so that all new mail to the old domain is forwarded to the same usernames on the new domain.
  • Use a commercial service (such as Backupify's offering) to assist in the actual data transfer
  • Eventually get rid of Google apps for the old domain

Is there a better way?

I've been scouring the internet trying to see if there is any way that we can make this process less painful. I am hoping there is a solution that I'm not yet aware of that will help with this sort of transition.

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Is it a requirement to change the sign in names? If you can keep the sign in names as they are now, it would be possible to add a domain alias. This would allow all of your current users to send and receive email using the new domain instead of the current domain. However, when using a domain alias, I am not sure whether or not you could prevent users from accidentally sending new mail using the old domain.

With regards to changing the primary domain, that is something that Google would need to support, and I have no suggestions other than migrating to a new account, as you describe.

If you end up looking for a tool for migrating mailbox data, I just did a fairly complex migration using imapsync, but a commercial service would likely be easier.

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