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We have several Dynamics CRM 4.0 servers, lets call them SRV1, SRV2, SRV3. Depending on your location, when accessing just a DNS alias CRMSRV, the DNS will point you to one of the servers mentioned. For example when you visit location 1, you get pointed at SRV1. At location 2, SRV2 and so on.

This appears fine in the browser client (IE), but in the Outlook client we see the resolved name. The client is configured with the correct URL, but the client only uses that to ask the server for organizations, web service URL etc. We see in the registry for the MSCRMClient that the resolved server names (aka the name CRM knows itself as) is noted there.

Is there a way to make CRM "know about" this alias server name and reply with that without using IFD/load balancer setups?

Temporary workaround is to reconfigure the client (takes 15-20 seconds) whenever the location changes.

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