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I own OVH dedicated server running Debian 6, Apache: Server version: Apache/2.4.6 (Debian). I moved my website to this server, but it works really slow. CPU usage is never more than 10%, typically 98% is idle. However apache2 is not responding or it does after 10 - 15 s. It does not matter whether i try to load static file or php script.

In mod_status i can see:

Server Version: Apache/2.4.6 (Debian) mod_fastcgi/mod_fastcgi-SNAP-0910052141
Server MPM: prefork
Server Built: Jul 23 2013 11:42:21
256 requests currently being processed, 0 idle workers

Some of the request are quite normal, but there are also some strange like:

160-0   -   0/0/19  .   0.07    464 278808  0.0 0.00    0.82   sth.com:80  GET /?198740=-666120 HTTP/1.0
191-0   -   0/0/13  .   0.07    464 280846  0.0 0.00    0.53   sth.com:80  GET /?-161926=633136 HTTP/1.0

Sometimes there are about 200 such positions...


I menaged to increase workers to 1024 and now it works fast, but still the problem with strange client occurs.

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