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My understanding is "Wait" time in a HTTP request is what server takes to process and provide an item to the browser.

For this website www.winni.in , if you see the waterfall of requests then there is inconsistency in server wait time, even for static content it takes sometimes around 1 second of wait time. While other resources like HTML page which requires processing does not take much time. But images especially whose size is little more takes quite much of server wait time. I am not able to understand why is it so?

I tell you server config, it is built in java-ee without any framework in place, running on apache tomcat 7, and all the static content is filtered in root filter and directly served to browser without any processing.

And what is the appropriate average wait time for a HTTP request? Is there any room for improvement for this website?

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Your question is hard to answer as it stands. It's hard to give an answer on an average or typical time for a request to load (beyond the general <1s is good and >10s is bad). What are you trying to achieve here? What have you researched or tried so far? How can we help you, specifically? –  Drew Khoury Aug 28 '13 at 15:11
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