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Young intern here with a powershell project. My goal is to use a domain computer with administrative [domain] rights to reset user passwords in AD from our server.

In order to do so, I have installed Vmware and, to my extent, setup a VM Server 2008 (not r2) and a domained VM Win 7 cpu. I'm not sure if everything is configured correctly, but my Win7 cpu already has the RSAT tool installed, set up for remoting, and it connected to the domain properly.

I can't find any commands for resetting the password in powershell (except for 2008 r2). Is this something I can import? Updating to r2, unfortunately, is not an option. Is it even possible to use powershell to remotely reset passwords? I don't necessarily need to know how, just if it's possible.

lastly, sry if these are noob questions, this was my first server setup and I'm a bit lost :/

thanks guys!

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I thought that could only be used for 2008 r2? If not, if i'm in powershell on a domained computer w/domain admin rights, after I import the user in PS I can use that line to change the password? – Bob Aug 29 '13 at 1:00
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Install the Active Directory Management Gateway Service, it will let the Microsoft Active Directory Powershell modules work with 2003/2008 Domains.

Then use the Powershell Active Directory module and the Set-ADAccount cmdlet to perform resets.

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thanks jscott! able to add, delete, + modify my AD accounts on my domained win7 cpu. Thanks for the help! – – Bob Aug 30 '13 at 0:27
@Bob Cool, glad I was able to help. Also of note: You can use delegation of permissions in AD so you don't need to do everything as a Domain Admin. And... because you're new to SE: How does accepting an answer work? – jscott Aug 30 '13 at 1:08

Before R2, pretty much everyone were using the free Active Directory CmdLets from Quest, which are still available. IMHO, they're still easier to work with than Microsoft's, and don't require a 2008R2-level DC.

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I found a powershell script that might be helpful:

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What does it do? – Pierre.Vriens Jun 1 at 12:24

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