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I have a 3 node SQL always on cluster running , is it possible to move a node to different network(subnet) without evicting & creating the node again.

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What exactly network do you want to change? Heartbeat? Management? Also for sure you will have downtime. You can do it with this scenario:
1. -> Go to the node that you want and stop cluster service
2. -> go to Failover cluster and stop cluster network
3. -> Change the subnet that you want
4. -> do again present of the node to the cluster
You can see this guidelines too:

Anyway because it's an SQL Cluster and above i gave you guidelines that i have done in Hyper-V clusters i don't know if they have the same process about, and if everything works well. Don't forget that you will have definitely downtime.

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currently 3 nodes are running 192.168.100.X network , we are creating a DR site with network 192.168.200.X , we want to move a node from 100.X to 200.X , so there 2 nodes will be in 100.X and one node in 200.X , all the nodes are VMs. What we need is to move one node VM from a host in 100.X to another host in DR site 200.X without evicting and adding the node again. – Priyan R Aug 29 '13 at 9:14
This is as i told you before. For hyper-v cluster the process is upper in my answer. About sql cluster i don't what will be the response of the cluster. Also as i said you will have downtime. – ankso Aug 29 '13 at 14:36

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