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Ok so I have a Linux gateway host that acts as routing/file server, two NIC's, EXT and INT. Iptables is handling the rules to forward the traffic on a RH based system, as well has having some complex rules for blocking questionable traffic etc. (meaning I would like to avoid having to change them if I can).

I would like for this host to also serve up KVM images using IP's on the INT interface's network.

Directions I've thought of are to create a virtual interface and bind a bridge (br0) to that however bridging doesn't support virtual interfaces. Use a completely separate interface, say INT2, and setup another forwarding of networks via iptables and just bridge INT2, granted I know that isn't using INT but its a viable option as it avoids changing many rules for INT.

I would like to know what people suggest as different methods to accomplish this.


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You create a bridge with INT added to it and add a virtual interfaces to the bridge for the guest. –  Mark Wagner Aug 29 '13 at 23:58
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