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I am running a Windows 2008 Server which is racked in a data center. Over the last week I have noticed a lot of attempts to brute force login to the box via RDP. Here is what I have in place:

  1. Win Firewall - I have a rule to only allow specific IP Addresses through RDP.

  2. I have changed my RDP Port to something different then 3389.

  3. I have changed all my passwords to at least 15 + characters.

  4. Running TS_Block to blacklist IP address if they attempt more then 3 times. If they do I expire them for 48 hours.

  5. Policies - Account Lockout I have also set to 3 days as a secondary backup and that to is set to lock them out until 48 hours.

What I don't have: I hardware firewall :( My hosting company wants like $200.00 bucks additional a month to add it to my box.

My Problem:

The problem I am having is they are starting to absorb system resources (memory/cpu power). Does anyone know what else I can do to slow them down or even stop them?



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If it's important to you then spend the $200.00 per month. Being cheap and being frugal are two different things and being cheap never ends well. – joeqwerty Aug 30 '13 at 15:36

Are you using Network Level Authentication for RDP?

If not, try switching that on and see if that stems the bandwidth taken from the screen drawing of the login box, if nothing else.

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